For your success and improvement,
we promise to provide our best professional services to our clients.

Welcome and thank you for visiting Echon & Co.
We at Echon & Co. work with untiring effort, supported by professionals who have experiences with major accounting corporations such as PWC, KPMG, Deloitte, and Ernst & Young.

Professionals from various fields—Financial Surveillance Agency, Korea Security Dealers Association, Securities, Venture Capital, Securities Investment Trust, and other companies—form the main axis of the firm and have consulted domestic and foreign firms.
With our deep understanding of a variety of issues, we are prepared to respond to complex questions raised by governments, enterprises, and individuals and we are here to provide innovative and optimal solutions.

We, Echon & Co., promise our future clients that we, the trained minds from big corporations and agencies,
will provide the best service for your continuous improvement and successful future.


  • 2023

    03Achieved sales of 80 billion won

  • 2020

    06Kim Myung-jin appointed as CEO

    03Commendation from the Commissioner of National Tax Service

  • 2019

    10Registration of Auditors of Stock-Listed Corporations

    03Achieved sales of 45.5 billion won

  • 2018

    03Achieved sales of 43.8 billion won

  • 2017

    09 Hosted Morison KSi Asia Pacific Conference

    03Exceeded 100 in number of CPAs

  • 2016

    06 Jung Suk-yong appointed as CEO

    04 Member Firm Morison International merges with KS International

  • 2015

    Achieved sales of 30 billion won03

  • 2014

    10 Registered on PCAOB
    (Public Company Accounting Oversight Board) of USA

  • 2012

    Lee Han-sun appointed as CEO06

  • 2011

    08 Changed company name to Echon&Co.

    06 Entered the list of Top 10 accounting firms in Korea

    03 Achieved sales of 20 billion won

    01 Registered as Member Firm of Morison International

  • 2010

    Established Buul Branch (Yeonje-gu, Busan)11

  • 2008

    06 Shin Hae-su appointed as CEO

  • 2007

    Established Honam Branch06

  • 2006

    06 Established Busan Branch

    02 Established Gyeongnam Branch

  • 2004

    Lee Jong-kook appointed as CEO06

  • 2003

    06 CEO Shin Dong-jin wins National Tax Service Commissioner Award

  • 2002

    Established Daegu Branch09

    Established Gangnam Branch06

    Established Daejeon Branch04

  • 2001

    05 Established e-Chon Accounting Corporation (CEO : Shin Dong-jin, CPA)