Echon & Co. is an accounting firm founded by leading experts of Korea who have successfully executed a wide range of audits, tax consultation, management consulting and much more.

Founded on the strength of its extensive experiences, knowledge and capabilities amassed and perfected at major accounting firms, relevant agencies and organizations, the tremendous talent of Echon & Co. is ready to offer an optimum solution that realistically analyzes the present and prepares for the uncertain future.

Audit & Assurance

Echon & Co. provides comprehensive and professional procedure on accounting and financial status to help companies provide reliable information.

  • Statutory Audits?
    In accordance with the Act on External Audit of Stock
    Companies and Financial Investment Services and
    Capital Markets Act
  • Audits according to Foreign Accounting Standards?
    Audit in compliance with USGAAP and international
    accounting standards
  • Internal Control System Review & Fraud Investigation
    Review and audit internal control systems, provide services
    for improve internal control to and support internal audits
    to reduce potential risks
  • Special Purpose Audits?
    Special audit according to client request
  • Audits According to Special Laws such as National
    Agricultural Cooperative Federation/National Credit Union
    Federation of Korea/Korean Federation of Community
    Credit Cooperatives, etc.
  • Public Sector & Non-Profit Corporation Audits
  • Royalty Audits
  • Other Services
    1. Corporate analysis for obtaining various licenses in industry sectors
    2. Attestation Services for government organizations or state-invested entities and non-profit organizations
    3. Risk Assurance Service
    4. Risk management and Compliance, etc.


In the past, corporations sought to generate profits through mass production.
However, the management philosophy of today seeks to produce profits
through social responsibility, consistent increase in corporate value and
knowledge management. Echon & Co. provides consulting on corporate finance
and restructuring, and due diligence and valuation services that meet these trends.

  • Corporate Finance Advisory
    We provide strategy development for capital procurement
    in the capital market and support for capital procurement
    in the private placement

    1. Due diligence and valuations for M&A
    2. Valuation Service and strategy development
      for optimizing capital structure
    3. Consulting for Private M&A Deals
    4. Dispute services
    5. Advisory for Fundraising (equity and debt)
    6. IPO support
  • Restructuring Advisory Services
    We provide various services on corporate restructuring such as
    strategy development for corporate stabilization,
    legal management and submission of due diligence and
    investigation reports on applicants, strategy development
    for debt collection and liquidation, etc.

    1. Workout and corporate rehabilitation procedure support
    2. Sales and acquisition of Non-Performing Loans
    3. Consulting for real estate and social overhead capital
  • Valuation Services
    Based on our understanding of various industries,
    we support appropriate corporate valuation and
    decision-making for a reasonable conclusion.

    1. Evaluation for financial reports (internal/external)
      or disclosure
    2. Financial modeling
    3. Intellectual property and intangible asset valuation
  • Other Services
    1. Feasibility analysis
    2. Consultation on establishment of cost accounting system
      and cost accounting
    3. Consultation on enhancement of corporate governance

Tax Services

Corporate management has been becoming increasingly complex
and the accompanying financial risks have also been rapidly on the rise.
Echon & Co. provides consulting to efficiently manage the financial risks
that arise from corporate management while maximizing
the effects of tax cuts and optimizing corporate value.

  • Tax Advisory?
    We suggest optimal alternative to prevent tax risk specific
    to each industries

    1. Tax advisory service for domestic tax law
      (corporate tax, income tax, value added tax and local tax)
    2. Consultation on transfer pricing, international trade taxation
    3. Tax advisory for real estate investment and development
    4. Tax advisory for restructuring
    5. Tax planning consultation on outbound investments of
      Korean entities, and inbound investments of foreign entities
    6. Tax advisory for M&A
    7. Consultation on Succession Plan
    8. Tax advisory service for non-profit corporations etc.
  • Outsourcing Services
    We provide outsourcing services enabling our client to cut
    the cost and manage the operation elastically.

    1. Accounting Services (book keeping services) for small
      corporations,foreign corporations, etc.
    2. Tax services for expatriates
    3. Preparation and filing of individual income taxes
      and added taxes
    4. Preparation and filing of corporation taxes or corporate tax returns
    5. Establishment and liquidation of corporations
    6. Payroll support service
      (salary, social insurance, year-end settlement, etc.)
  • Tax Investigation & Tax Appeal Services
    We provide practical and effective services so that
    our clients may develop the best tax planning strategies.

    1. Tax Disputes Resolution
    2. Tax appeal for national tax and local tax
  • Other Services
    1. Analysis of tax implications on specific transactions,
      and agreements
    2. Ruling Request Assistance

Other Services

We provide various practical and professional services
for the steady growth and development of our client companies.

  • Establishment of financial forecasting and business plans
  • Support for establishment of venture companies
  • Consulting for cost and management accounting
  • Compilation of financial statements and notes?
  • Services for settlement of research fees, etc.