Echon & Co. Ethics & Compliance Hotline

In order to create a sound and clean ethical culture and to provide the best service, Echon & Co. operates the Echon & Co. Ethics & Compliance Hotline, which enables employees and external stakeholder to report misconducts concerning compliance and ethics.

What to report
  • 01

    Independence issues
  • 02

    Accounting fraud and manipulation of information
  • 03

    Giving and/or receiving illegal economic benefits
  • 04

    Confidentiality violation
  • 05

    Unfair discrimination and sexual harassment at work
  • 06

    Other unethical conduct, violation of laws or regulations, inappropriate conduct

How to follow up on your report

The report will be investigated promptly and if proven true, appropriate measures will be taken.
You will receive investigation results about your report. We will keep your report strictly confidential.  Retaliation against the individual who in good faith makes report will not be tolerated and will be sanctioned in the event of retaliation.

It is recommended that you use your real name for verification of the facts and effective execution of necessary actions.
Please note that slandering or defamation not based on facts or matters that are not directly related to the compliance and ethics may not be handled by the Hotline.

How to report and contact

Echon & Co. Ethics & Compliance Hotline is open around the clock.
If you have any inquiries about the Hotline, please contact the Ethics Department of Echon & Co..